In New Forecast, New York City Projects $2.9 Billion Deficit

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Though the original savings mandate warned that noncompliant agencies could be subject to hiring freezes, not every agency complied, and none were penalized.The New York Police Department only achieved 41 percent of its two-year savings targets, city officials said Tuesday. The Department of Sanitation achieved only 39 percent. And the Fire Department achieved 98 percent.Mr. Rein said the city achieved its sought-after savings largely through re-estimates of projected spending, rather than making more lasting structural changes.The Adams administration, for example, has signaled ambivalence about its commitment to expand the city’s prekindergarten program for 3-year-olds. That is reflected in the budget modifications, which show a nearly $600 million savings next fiscal year achieved through “right sizing.”City officials said they originally projected they would need 61,000 seats in future years for the prekindergarten program, something they now consider unrealistically high. Though there are wait lists in some neighborhoods, the program is currently serving only 36,000 children, and in coming years, the city estimates it will need only 55,000 seats.Nevertheless, the right-sizing plan earned a rebuke from the New York City Council.“Early childhood education programs, such as universal 3-K, are pivotal to the economic success of our city and must be a priority in which to invest,” Adrienne Adams, the Council speaker, and Justin Brannan, the finance chair, said in a joint statement on Tuesday.Similarly, the city is cutting costs by trimming about $12 million from the Behavioral Health Emergency Assistance Response Division, or B-Heard, which dispatches specialists to 911 mental health calls.

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