Douglas Ross says he thinks Liz Truss will win next general election

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Douglas Ross gave the Prime Minister his backing as he appeared on Thursday night’s Question Time.

The political panel show, filmed in Musselburgh, saw Mr Ross joined by Deputy First Minister John Swinney, Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar, musician Stuart Murdoch and political journalist Isabel Hardman.

The Scottish Tory leader said Ms Truss has not had the start to her leadership she “was looking for”, but he thinks it is “right that the Prime Minister and the Chancellor have reflected on that”.

He said: “One of the big issues (was) that there clearly wasn’t any support in the markets, and we saw the impact that had was on the 45p tax rate, and I think it was right last week that that was reversed.

“But I think it’s also right that we look at the positive impacts of the growth plan, which was to help people with heating bills. Before that was announced, people were facing bills of £5,000 to £6,000 a year. It’s now capped at £2,500. I know that’s still very high – too much for a lot of people.

“But it’s the help that the Government have put in there that is important to families, to businesses, to communities right across Scotland and the whole UK, and I think that’s vital.”

Asked by an audience member if he thinks Ms Truss could win the next Westminster election, Mr Ross said he does.

“We’re a long way out from the next election. The opinion polls are very difficult for the party,” he added.

But asked for his opinion in a yes or no situation, Mr Ross said: “Yes. I did say yes, right at the top.”

He went on: “I think we can get the economy back up and running again and I think we can help people.

“Clearly, Anas (Sarwar) thinks Keir Starmer can win the next election, clearly John Swinney thinks if the Supreme Court doesn’t go his way, then the SNP can win a de facto referendum. Every party wants their party to win, but at the moment, to me, that’s a secondary issue.

“The big issue now is helping people. People in this room, people across the country, businesses and communities that are struggling.”

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