Colorado Governor Polis Celebrates Labor Day

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Governor Jared Polis Celebrates Labor Day and Thanks the Strong Colorado Workforce

DENVER (STL.News) Governor Jared Polis marked Labor Day by thanking Colorado’s workforce and encouraging Coloradans to celebrate safely.

“As we safely celebrate Labor Day, I want to thank Colorado’s workers for all they contribute to making our state a place where people and businesses can thrive.  Colorado is home to one of the strongest workforces in the country thanks to the high skill level, excellent education opportunities, and hard-working spirit of all the Coloradans.  As a business person, it is exciting to see Colorado businesses start up and grow, especially our employee-owned businesses,” said Governor Polis. “I am committed to further growing our economy, creating more good-paying jobs, and expanding access to high-quality training and education so that every Colorado worker can thrive.”

Governor Polis has supported employee-owned businesses and expanded workforce training and development opportunities at a lower cost to ensure every Coloradan can access the resources they need to grow and thrive.  In June 2021, Governor Polis signed a new law providing annual tax credits to fund professional service costs of conversion to employee ownership.  The program makes employee ownership conversions more accessible for businesses throughout Colorado.

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