17 Useful Career Advice and Tips to Advance in Your Job

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How can you succeed in your career?  Check out the following tips.

Keep your CV Up to Date

You never know when you’ll need a CV for a job change, promotion, award, or educational opportunity.  You’ll be more thorough and avoid stress if you have one made in advance.  Review and update it one to two times per year.

If you don’t already have one, learn how to write a CV.

Be Open to Inter-Industry Change

Most people have many abilities and diverse interests.  You may need to change fields one or more times throughout your career in order to utilize all of them.

Worry Only About Today

While planning is important, excessive worry can harm your productivity – and your health.  Rather than worrying about what happened last week or last year or what might happen in the future, focus on what you can do today to get one step close to your goals.

See Every Experience as an Opportunity for Growth

Sometimes, you may feel stuck in your current situation, but look for opportunities to use your experience for personal growth or to help others.  For example, Forbes reported that UUkraine’sformer Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko initially felt guilt for being out of the country when the conflict with Russia broke out.  But she was in Puerto Rico, assisting with post-hurricane rebuilding.  She soon realized that this experience would help her assist others back home.

Speak to Yourself as You Would to a Friend

Likely, you ddon’talways focus on the faults of your friends (if you did, they wouldn’t be your friends for very long).  But in our internal dialogue, we are often highly critical of ourselves.

Data scientist Olivia Martin noted, “we often talk ourselves down when we don’t realize all the work we did to get where we are.  “Instead of berating yourself, the quality of your work, or how much you were able to get done, rewrite the script by finding three aspects of your work you could compliment yourself on.  Then, leverage those strengths and work on any weaknesses that could be holding you back.

Learn to Say No

YYou’vealready got a lot on your plate that you’ve already said “yes” to.  In order to be true to that “yes,” you may have to say “o” to additional responsibilities.

Be Your Own Advocate

Whether you’re dealing with a tricky interpersonal issue at work, adjusting your work-life balance, or seeking a promotion, you must advocate for yourself.  Don’t wait for someone else to solve your problems or recognize your potential.

Rotate Through Different Roles

Not only will carrying out different jobs help you expand your skillset, but it with also help you be more empathetic towards your coworkers.

“This Is Your School”

Jennifer Gerbi, Ph.D., offers this advice: “even if things aren’t going well, learn from it, use it as this is your school.  Okay, now this is your school about how not to be a boss, or this is your school about how to get people to work together.”View Weaknesses as Opportunities

Don’t look at weaknesses as a bad thing.  Address them, get better at them, and you improve overall.

Don’tBurn Your Bridges

Your reputation is important.  Even when leaving a company, you should do so on friendly terms.  You never know when past contacts will come in handy.

Actively Listen

Pay attention when others speak to you, whether they’re customers, peers, or executives.  Make eye contact, ask questions, and don’t let your mind wander.

Keep Learning

Be curious, and follow your curiosity.  Learning new information and skills can open unexpected doors.

Respect Everyone

Everyone likes to be treated with respect and deserves to be.  When you respect others by your words and actions, you earn respect in return.  You may be surprised at the lengths others are willing to go to for those who fill the vital need for respect.

Steward Your Finances

Set a reasonable budget and stick to it.  Plan for the future – save or invest.  Know where your money is and where it is going.  Even in a rough economy, you will be able to weather the storm.

Realize That it’s Okay to Outgrow Your Dream Job

Maybe you worked hard – for a long time – to land the job you’re in.  At one time you loved it, but now – not so much.

According to Twila Moon, Ph.D., “first, recognizing that you’re in a continually evolving space of influence and the dreams that you, that position that you were applying for three years ago, take the time now to consider…(that) you mmight’vealready grown out of that dream and already be able to take on bigger responsibilities or bigger roles.

“Travel Abroad”

The world economies are intertwined, and an understanding of other cultures can foster empathy and good business relationships.  The best way to learn is to see the world for yourself.

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