Michigan Lottery – Pennsylvania Man Wins $2.08 Million

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Pennsylvania Man Wins $2.08 Million Lotto 47 Jackpot from the Michigan Lottery

(STL.News) A Pennsylvania man claimed his $2.08 million Lotto 47 jackpot prize one month before the prize was set to expire.

The lucky 59-year-old player, who chose to remain anonymous, matched the winning Lotto 47 numbers drawn September 25, 2021: 07-12-22-24-30-37.  He bought his winning ticket at Shoppers Market Plus, located at 14350 East Nine Mile Road in Warren.

“I purchased the ticket while I was in Michigan visiting family,” said the player.  “When I checked the winning numbers and saw I’d won the jackpot, I was in disbelief! I waited to claim my prize until I had a plan in place for the money.”

The player visited Michigan Lottery headquarters to claim the big prize.  He chose to receive his prize as one lump-sum payment of about $1.3 million rather than annuity payments for the full amount.  With his winnings he plans to purchase a truck and then save the remainder for retirement.

Each Lotto 47 play is only $1. Players select six numbers from one to 47 for a chance to win a jackpot starting at $1 million and that grows until someone wins it.  For an additional $1 per play, Double Play may be added to a Lotto 47 ticket, giving players a second chance to win up to $1.5 million in the nightly Double Play drawing.  For an additional $1 per game, players may add EZMatch to their ticket for a chance to win up to $500 instantly.  Lotto 47 drawings take place on Wednesday and Saturday at 7:29 p.m.  Tickets may be purchased at a retailer or online at MichiganLottery.com until 7:08 p.m. on the day of the drawing.

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