How to Write a Great News Report

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News reports are pieces of writing that people buy newspapers for.  Their goal is to give readers instant information about things happening around the world.  As such, traditional news reports are articles that allow readers to access information.  But some news reports are not like the others – they are not just informative but also engaging and exciting.  This article will highlight how to write a great news report.

Answer the Main Question First

Every news report has a central question or questions it must answer.  Therefore, a good news report revolves around such questions and doesn’t go off-topic.  Doing this is essential as various other newspapers and platforms are competing to capture readers.  Deliver the main points and ideas first, and this way, your readers, will not venture to find a different news source.  It also makes marketing easier for editors and publishers if the news reports are informative and to the point.

Use Trustworthy Sources

The most important thing in journalism is credibility.  You must quote or refer to well-established sources for facts, claims, and statements.  Doing this lets your readers know that you are an honest writer.  It also allows you to maintain authority.  Likewise, before using any reference, make sure it is a legitimate piece of information.  As a result, you must perform extensive research before including sources in a news report.

In general, research is not only essential for journalists.  It is equally crucial for students.  Some learners pay for writing a research paper because the idea of performing comprehensive research seems overwhelming to them.  However, both journalists and students need to practice their research skills if they want to deliver trustworthy, fact-based writing.

Be Informative but Concise

Readers love to read well-delivered stories.  However, most readers do not like reading long stories.  Therefore, you may want to provide in-depth information in as few words as possible.  Modern people value their time, so they prefer shorter articles.  When you deliver such articles, you will quickly build a large following willing to read whatever you write.

Create an Emotional Connection

The best stories that people love to read are those that connect with them.  So, when writing a news article, you should try to create a connection with your audience.  Whether you are talking about food, healthcare, war, or politics, you should present the information in a what that is relatable and makes readers empathize with the content.

Use Active Voice

When writing, you have the choice of writing in the active or passive voice.  In most cases, the passive voice can sound dull.  Hence, you should try to write in an active voice.  This makes reading your news report easier.

Highlight Newsworthy Information

People read newspapers to learn about important events.  You will want to highlight new, different, or newsworthy information within your report.  Your ability to do this can make a difference between a good and a great news report.

Avoid Acronyms

The worst thing you can do is to use acronyms without explaining them.  Doing this may leave your audience unable to understand what you are referring to.  Therefore, it is good practice to define the meaning of an acronym the first time you use it in a news report.  However, you do not have to spell out commonly used acronyms.

Avoid Filler Sentences

As humans, we often use filler phrases while speaking.  You may also find such sentences in novels and other writings.  That said, you should not include such words and expressions in a news report.  Each sentence you write should be clear and supportive of your main point.

Remove Typos and Grammatical Mistakes

As a writer and journalist, you must create clear and accurate content for your readers.  You can achieve this by paying attention to the words and sentences you use in your articles.  Edit and proofread your work before submitting it to the editor.  Doing this reduces the chance of mistakes appearing in published work.

On the other hand, if you are a self-publishing writer, you may want to have someone edit your work.  Having an extra pair of eyes check your writing minimizes the number of possible typos and grammatical mistakes.


Knowing how to write a great news report is essential to your success as a writer and journalist.  Therefore, you may want to keep in mind the pointers presented in this article.  Each tip presented above will give you an insight into how to make your news report truly great!


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