Vermont Governor Proclaims Constitutional Amendment

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Governor Phil Scott Formally Proclaims Constitutional Amendment Proposal 2 Will Appear On November Ballot

Montpelier, VT (STL.News) Governor Phil Scott formally provided public notice to Vermonters that Proposal 2, a proposed amendment to the Vermont Constitution passed by the General Assembly, will appear on the November general election ballot.  Section 72 of Chapter II of the Vermont Constitution and Chapter 32 of Title 17 of the Vermont Statutes Annotated require the Governor to give public notice of the proposed amendment by proclamation.

“Vermont is proud to have been the first state in the Union to outlaw slavery in its constitution, but this proposal to clarify the antiquated language is meaningful as well,” said Governor Scott.  “We have come a long way since those words were originally written, but we know there is much more work to do.  It is also fitting that this proclamation is issued this week as Americans celebrate Juneteenth.”

To amend Vermont’s Constitution, the state Senate must, by a two-thirds vote, advance a proposal to the House of Representatives for their concurrence by a simple majority vote.  If the House concurs, the proposal is then referred to the next biennial session of the General Assembly, where the House and Senate must, by simple majority, concur with the proposed amendment.  If passed, the measure is then brought before Vermont voters by referendum, where a majority of voters must approve for the constitution to be amended.  Vermont is regarded as having one of the most difficult constitutional amendment processes in the nation.

The proclamation can be viewed by clicking here.

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