Colorado Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law

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Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law

DENVER, CO (STL.News) Governor Jared Polis  signed the following bills into law administratively.

  • SB22-133 Provide Security For Certain Elected Officials – Senators F. Winter | K. Priola, Representatives D. Esgar | S. Woodrow
    HB22-1393 Displaced Aurarian Scholarship – Representatives K. Tipper | M. Soper, Senators J. Gonzales | D. Moreno
  • HB22-1235 Sunset Continue Regulation Of Veterinary Practice- Representatives K. McCormick | M. Catlin, Senator J. Ginal
  • HB22-1246 Hospice Inpatient Unit Specialized Prescription Drug Outlet – Representatives S. Lontine, Senator J. Buckner
  • HB22-1265 Sunset Education Data Advisory Committee – Representative T. Exum, Senator J. Bridges
  • HB22-1267 Culturally Relevant Training Health Professionals – Representatives A. Valdez | A. Boesenecker, Senators J. Ginal | R. Fields
  • HB22-1269 Health-care Sharing Plan Reporting Requirements- Representative S. Lontine, Senator C. Hansen
  • HB22-1272 Repeal Of Attorney Fees On Motions To Dismiss -Representatives S. Gonzales-Gutierrez | A. Benavidez, Senators J. Gonzales | R. Rodriguez
  • HB22-1274 Sunset Colorado Interagency Working Group On School Safety – Representatives D. Michaelson Jenet | C. Larson, Senator J. Gonzales
  • HB22-1300 Local Enforcement To Prevent Human Trafficking – Representatives T. Carver | L. Daugherty, Senators R. Fields | B. Gardner
  • HB22-1311 Correct Defects With Gas And Special Fuel Tax – Representatives A. Pico | S. Woodrow, Senator R. Woodward
  • HB22-1317 Restrictive Employment Agreements – Representative K. Tipper, Senator J. Bridges
  • HB22-1318 Extending Colorado Information Sharing Consortium Deadline – Representatives A. Benavidez, Senator R. Fields
  • HB22-1321 Study Of Devices Assessing Motorist Impairment – Representatives H. McKean | D. Roberts, Senators B. Pettersen | R. Woodward
  • HB22-1322 Water Quality Regulation Representatives A.-Benavidez | A. Valdez, Senators D. Moreno | J. Gonzales
  • HB22-1344 FDA-approved Prescription 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine Drug Use – Representatives P. Neville | D. Ortiz, Senators J. Cooke | J. Ginal
  • HB22-1346 Electrician Plumber Licensing Apprentice Ratio – Representatives M. Duran | K. Mullica, Senator J. Danielson
  • HB22-1347 Workers’ Compensation Updates – Representative L. Daugherty, Senator R. Rodriguez
  • HB22-1348 Oversight Of Chemicals Used In Oil & Gas- Representatives Y. Caraveo | M. Froelich, Senator F. Winter
  • HB22-1353 Public Safety Communications Transfer – Representative T. Bernett | M. Baisley, Senator J. Bridges
  • HB22-1354 Protecting Injured Workers’ Mental Health Records – M.Lindsay | D. Michaelson Jenet, Senator F. Winter
  • HB22-1361 Oil And Gas Reporting – Representative A. Boesenecker, Senator S. Jaquez Lewis | T. Story
  • HB22-1367 Updates To Employment Discrimination Laws – Representatives S. Lontine | M. Gray, Senators F. Winter | B. Pettersen
  • HB22-1368 Community Corrections Programs Access – Representative L. Herod, Senator R. Rodriguez
  • HB22-1388 Vehicle Registration And Certificate Of Title – Representative A. Valdez, Senators K. Priola | F. Winter
  • SB22-021 Treatment Behavioral Health Disorders Justice System – Representative s A. Benavidez | J. Amabile, Senators R. Rodriguez | P. Lee
  • SB22-055 Alcohol Monitoring For Impaired Driving Offenders- Representatives D. Roberts | H. McKean, Senators J. Cooke | C. Hansen
  • SB22-077 Interstate Licensed Professional Counselor Compact – Representatives C. Larson | M. Young, Senators J. Ginal | R. Woodward
  • SB22-098 Program Allowing Redispensing Of Unused Drugs – Representatives D. Roberts | P. Will, Senator R. Rodriguez
  • SB22-110 Equip Wind Turbine Aircraft Detection Lighting System – Representative R. Pelton, Senators J. Sonnenberg | C. Kolker
  • SB22-113 Artificial Intelligence Facial Recognition – Senators C. Hansen | J. Buckner, Representatives K. Tipper | J. Bacon
  • SB22-114 Fire Suppression Ponds Water Rights – Representatives D. Roberts | M. Catlin, Senators D. Hisey | T. Story
  • SB22-150 Missing And Murdered Indigenous Relatives – Senator J. Danielson, Representatives L. Herod | M. Duran
  • SB22-162 Administration Organization Act Modernization -Representatives S. Woodrow | M. Lynch, Senators R. Zenzinger | B. Kirkmeyer
  • SB22-170 Permissible Uses Of Waste Tire Fund – Representatives M. Gray | E. Hooton, Senator F. Winter
  • SB22-173 Telepharmacy Criteria Remove Location Restriction – Representatives S. Bird | H. McKean, Senators R. Rodriguez | J. Smallwood
  • SB22-179 Deter Tampering Motor Vehicle Emission Control System- Representative S. Lontine, Senators J. Ginal | L. Liston
  • SB22-184 Compensation Requirements For Members Of The General Assembly – Representatives D. Esgar | K. Tipper, Senators S. Fenberg | B. Pettersen
  • SB22-185 Security For Colorado Seniors – Representatives M. Lindsay | M. Young, Senators J. Danielson | J. Buckner
  • SB22-186 Create Colorado Rare Disease Advisory Council – Representatives K. Mullica | H. McKean, Senators J. Ginal | C. Simpson
  • SB22-190 United States Space Force Special License Plate – Representative D. Ortiz, Senators J. Danielson | D. Coram
  • SB22-191 Procurement Of Information Technology Resources – Representatives B. Titone | T. Bernett, Senators J. Bridges | K. Priola
  • SB22-195 Modifications To Conservation District Grant Fund – Representatives M. Catlin | D. Valdez, Senators K. Donovan | J. Sonnenberg
  • HB22-1061 Modifications To Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity – Representatives J. Amabile | A. Benavidez, Senator J. Gonzales
  • SB22-058 Dental Hygienists Peer Health Assistance Program – Representative K. McCormick, Senator C. Simpson

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