Colorado Governor Signs Bills to Help Address Homelessness

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Governor Jared Polis Signing Bills to Help Address Homelessness, Bipartisan Laws

WATKINS, CO (STL.News) Governor Jared Polis is signing key legislative investments to reduce homelessness and other bipartisan pieces of legislation.  This legislative session, Gov. Polis and state legislators partnered on historic bipartisan investments of federal funding to expand access to behavioral and mental health services, increase the supply of affordable housing, and bolster Colorado’s workforce in critical industries.  The administration and state legislature are providing facilities and pushing local communities to invest and innovate.

“Our cities need to do more to reduce homelessness, and now the state will also step up and help by providing access to vocational training, skill development, health services, treatment and transitional housing.  Through partnering with local governments, nonprofits, private partners and other entities, we will expand access to addiction treatment and mental health services to reduce homelessness in Colorado – the state is doing its part and we need local governments to step up to make our communities safer for everyone,” said Governor Jared Polis.

In Denver, the Governor signed HB22-1377, Homeless Response Grant Program, sponsored by Representatives Woodrow and Exum and Senators Gonzales and Kolker, creating a fund to support services, organizations and others working to mitigate homelessness.  He also signed HB22-1378, Regional Campus Bill, sponsored by Representatives Jodeh and Sullivan and Senators Hansen and Coleman, which creates an RFA for a Denver-metro area campus to support those experiencing homelessness.  This new law provides an opportunity for Denver-metro local governments, private, and philanthropic partners to show innovation and collaboration in this transformational project.  The Governor also signed SB22-211, Ridge View Supportive Residential Community, sponsored by Senators Rhonda Fields and Nick Hinrichsen and Representative Alex Valez, which repurposes the Ridge View campus into a supportive residential community for people experiencing homelessness.  Repurposing the Ridge View Campus to help address the issues of homelessness in Colorado was an original request in the Governor’s budget proposal.

The Governor signed HB22-1083, the Colorado Homeless Contribution Income Tax Credit, sponsored by Representatives Kerry Tipper and Janice Rich and Senators Faith Winter and Cleave Simpson, expands an existing income tax credit available to taxpayers who make contributions to enterprise zone administrators to promote temporary, emergency, or transitional housing programs for people experiencing homelessness.

This afternoon, Gov. Polis also signed the bipartisan SB22-205 Intoxicating Hemp And Tetrahydrocannabinol Products sponsored Representatives Alex Valdez and Kevin Van Winkle, Senators Steve Fenberg and Chris Holbert.

Gov. Polis signed SB22-097 Whistleblower Protection Health & Safety sponsored Representatives Leslie Herod and Tom Sullivan and Senators Brittany Pettersen and Robert Rodriguez, SB22-057 Violent Crime Victim Brain Injury Screening Program sponsored by Representative Mike Weissman and Senators John Cooke and Rhonda Fields.  Gov. Polis also signed SB22-099 Sealing Criminal Records sponsored by Senators Rodriguez and Dennis Hisey, Representatives Kerry Tipper and Colin Larson and SB22-005 Law Enforcement Agency Peace Officer Services sponsored by Senators John Cooke and Jeff Bridges, Representatives Dylan.  Roberts and Woog to ensure that those responsible for public safety are supported with resources to maintain healthy lives.  Gov. Polis also signed SB22-224 Protections For Donor-conceived Persons And Families sponsored by Representatives Kerry Tipper and Matt Soper and Senators Steve Fenberg and Bob Gardner.

The Governor signed the following bills administratively :

  • HB22-1374 – Foster Care Success Act – Representative M. Jenet, Senator D. Moreno
  • SB22-004 Evidence-based Training In Science Of Reading – Representative J. McCluskie, Senators B. Rankin | J. Bridges
  • SB22-069 Learning Disruption Effect On Teacher Evaluation Representatives B. McLachlan | M. Froelich, Senator T. Story
  • HB22-1042 Teen Parent Driving Instruction Course – Representatives T. Exum | K. Van Winkle, Senators J. Buckner | D. Hisey
  • SB22-079 Dementia Training Requirements Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Department of Health Care Policy and Financing Rules – Representatives M. Young | B. McLachlan, Senators C. Kolker | J. Ginal
  • HB22-1213 Sunset Continue Regulation Speech-language Pathologists – Representatives M. Young | A. Pico, Senator J. Buckner

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