Russia continues to escalate the war in Ukraine

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Russia continues to escalate the war in Ukraine – Russia invaded Ukraine, anticipating sanctions and resistance.  News media is hoping that Putin is disappointed in the progress.  However, nobody should underestimate Putins’ intentions.

(STL.News) Russia continues to escalate its invasion and attack on Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.  Ceasefire agreements have been reached for humanitarian reasons, but Russia continues to violate the agreements.  By now, the world should know not to trust any agreement Russia enters into.  The disinformation is part of the strategy to win the invasion and possibly expand Russia’s ambitions into other NATO countries.

Many news media sources are asking if the Russian invasion of Ukraine will turn into a World War.  But, unfortunately, if you read Wikipedias’ page of “world war,” it appears that World War III has begun as it defines a World War as “a war engaged in by all or most of the principal nations of the world.”  So, while the US has not engaged, the sanctions will likely be interpreted as engaged by the Russian tyrant.

Our Video Gallery has breaking headline news from sources from across the globe.  It appears that governments worldwide are in denial or hoping that Putin will change his mind.  Sanctions are necessary but months late.  The world has not accepted the reality of current events.  Governments are using laws and words to hide behind the fear of engaging in a war.

Make no mistake; this is a war as innocent people are dying.  Women, mothers, children, and older people are dying in this cowardly attack on the innocent.  Putin is banking on weakness to win this invasion.  But will he stop in Ukraine?

Nobody in the world wants a war, especially a world war.  But unfortunately, the reality is that war does exist.  The only way for it to end is for the world to end the Russian country as we know it to exist today!

The US has stated that it will not engage in a war with Russia.  Not sure why we would express that to the world unless it is to send a message that we do not want to escalate the war.  But at the same time, is it sending the wrong message?

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