Maryland Governor Joins CBS Mornings to Discuss Jan 6, 21

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ANNAPOLIS, MD (STL.News)  This morning, Governor Larry Hogan joined ‘CBS Mornings’ at the U.S. Capitol to discuss the events of Jan. 6, 2021.


“It’s amazing to me that many people have been misled, but it’s been an incredible misinformation, disinformation campaign.  But to think that these were patriotic tourists that were coming to look at statues when, you know, 130-something Capitol Police were assaulted, where we had five people die, where they were breaking through the windows of the Capitol—it doesn’t make sense.  We’ve got to put our country above party, and we take an oath to stand up for and defend the Constitution of the United States.  We’ve just got to tell it like it is.”

“There’s a real divide here in America.  It’s not just my party; it’s not the only one to blame.  I know Joe Biden said he was going to bring the country together, but we’re more divided than ever, and the extremes of both parties are tearing the country apart.  Today’s a great day to reflect on some of the problems, but I want to focus on bringing people together. We’ve got to fix what’s going on because the country can’t continue to go in this direction.”

“I think that sometimes people are afraid to tell exactly what happened because there is tremendous retribution.  There are few Republican leaders now in Congress that are standing up and telling the truth and explaining what happened, and they are viciously attacked.  They are attacked on Twitter, they are being threatened, and they are being primaried and the former president is endorsing people to run against them.  It takes courage, and quite frankly, we just don’t have enough people standing up, but none of that bothers me.  I’m going to stand up and keep telling the truth.”

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