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Technology Warning – wpmudev has a family of plugins with failures in critical processes.

(STL.News)  Our news site has thousands of articles and hundreds of pages.  Therefore, we employ many developers and subscribe to various products and services to maintain, protect and improve our news site.

Our newest Technolgy Warning is regarding a family of plugins that operates under “wpmudev.”  We have subscribed to this platform for several years and have been frustrated by many repetitive issues.  The support online chat team usually attempts to resolve the problems.

The good about wpmudev:

  1. Online chat staff is fast to respond and attempts to resolve the issues.
  2. For web host and design firms, they have a reseller platform with a dashboard that makes it easy to manage multiple websites.
  3. Hummingbird has many configuration options.
  4. Smush is used to optimize images and has an image CDN option.

The bad wpmudev:

  1. Plugins have many problems that they are not transparent about.  As a result, there are always issues with something, and the progress in advancing the reliability is slow.
  2. Snapshot has a high failure rate making the “auto” backup process “UNRELIABLE.”  Today, December 20, 2021, our last reliable backup was December 10th.  However, they do claim to be checking on the issue.  Nothing is more important to most businesses than protecting their data and having a “reliable” backup system to fast recovery.
  3. Hummingbird plugin is complicated to configure correctly, preventing the plugin from being used by most developers.
  4. Problems are slow to resolve when the developers get involved.
  5. Transparency appears to be a problem.  They are vague in their explanations and time estimates to resolve issues.
  6. Their ticket system is used for them to control and protect themselves from the frustration customers experience.  The manner in which they use the ticket system is a problem, not a solution.  It works for them, not the consumer.

Conclusions regarding wpmudev:

  1. At this time, the bad is larger than the good.
  2. While the business model is attractive, the problems destroy confidence.
  3. There are other options that should be considered that appear to be more reliable.  However, at this point, SnapShot is not a reliable solution.
  4. CONCLUSION: Seek Alternative Solutions


In a response to our “tickets:”

Hi Martin,

I’m really sorry about the issues you are experiencing with Snapshot backups and I can understand that it’s frustrating not being able to sort it out quickly.

Our support team has already forwarded your issue to our devs and they are currently investigating it further.
We don’t have any conclusions at the moment, but at the moment it seems related to the sheer size of your site, which is over 50GB.
Since Snapshot is a WP plugin it relies on PHP in order to do its job, and because of that it can also require extensive server resources, especially with sites of this size.
We’re most likely dealing with a problem related to server resources not being enough to run the required Snapshot functionality to process all of the data on your site.

Our developers are looking into it further though and trying to find the exact cause and what can possibly done about it, we’re hoping to have some good news to share soon.

In the meantime, we would appreciate if you wouldn’t open new chats about this as it doesn’t help with speeding up the process in any way.
If there’s anything else you require assistance with you’re of course more than welcome to start a new chat.

Best regards,

Dec 20, 2021, at 6:28 AM

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