Thai Kitchen launches online ordering with eOrderSTL

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Thai Kitchen - St. Louis, MO
Thai Stir fried basil with minced pork, chili and fried egg on topped rice. Thai local food style call “Pad Kaprao Moo Kai Dao”

ST LOUIS, MO (STL.News) Thai Kitchen is a family-owned restaurant chain with award-winning online customer reviews.  It recently announced that they launched eOrderSTL online ordering to enhance the online ordering process for their customers.

Thai Kitchen offers four locations, and all will be offering the eOrderSTL online ordering system.  O’Fallon and St. Charles are already online, accepting orders, and Florissant and Wentzville will be live later this week.

eOrderSTL is a restaurant online ordering system that is locally owned and managed by St. Louis Restaurant Review.

The pandemic has changed the restaurant industry, and some think it’s a permanent change in behavior as families spend more time at home to stay safe and comfortable.

According to the National Restaurant Association, more than 10% of restaurants have closed nationwide, and more are expected to close.  This is because smart restaurant operators have changed their business philosophy and business, offering more customer-friendly options to sell their foods.

Restaurants’ online strategies have become the highest priority for restaurants that have successfully survived thus far, but more than likely, the restaurant industry is not out of the woods yet.

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