St Louis Restaurants Reopening With Many Facing Service and Financial Challenges

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To help St Louis restaurants reopen safely, WebTech Group has created the “Restaurant Reopening Digital Special” designed to help restaurants compete online for online ordering making pickup and delivery easy

St Louis, MO (STL.News) As St. Louis area restaurants begin to reopen, many are faced with the reality of recreating their customer service.  Forced by local authorities to close for dine-in and rely on carry-out and pickup service to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  However, for many restaurants that did not offer online ordering and was structured more for buffet, lunch or fine dining, it has not been easy for them to acclimate to this new atmosphere.  Those restaurants are facing a 50 to 85% decline in revenues, which will force many out of business.  On the other hand, those restaurants like pizza restaurants that had online ordering in place, delivery and pickup have declined substantially less with many facing 15-25% declines.

Until a vaccine is found for the coronavirus the future is unknown.  For restaurants to survive they have to adapt to offering new styles of customer service.  While some customer will return to the establishments, the establishments are faced with social distancing requirements that will result in less revenues, in addition to facing higher food cost.  It is obvious that restaurants will need to sharpen their pencils to revise the pricing to pass-on the higher food cost and make up for less volume.  Many customers will not appreciate higher prices, but the establishments will be forced to make changes or close the business.

Many locally owned and operated restaurants lack the proper accounting to properly evaluate their operating cost.  Good accounting practices are more important than ever to responsibly protect themselves from inflating their potentially negative profit margins with poor pricing.

However, one thing is certain, enhancing customer service and competing online is more important now than every before.  Reducing the handling of cash transactions is best practice to help prevent the spread of any virus.  Online ordering for pickup or delivery is a safe approach as well.  For those restaurants that have faced substantial declines they need to implement online ordering systems, significant online presence, and efficient digital marketing to attract the online orders for pickup or delivery.

WebTech Group has created a digital program to help small restaurants compete.  The offer is the “Restaurant Reopening Digital Special.”  The program offers the following:

Reopening Digital Special Includes:

  • High Ranking WordPress website
  • SEO Friendly Hosting
  • Optimized Google Maps, Bing Maps and Apple Maps
  • Blog Post Shared to Social Media
  • Blog Post Shared to News Sites
  • Online Order Menu System with Payment Gateway
  • Free Press Release Distributed to Multiple News Sites

The cost of this program is discounted at $300 Setup Fee plus $200 per month for 12 months.

For more information visit WebTech Groups’ website or call (314) 808-1870

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