Realtyna offer digital products and services to real estate MLS publishers, brokers and agents

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St Louis, MO (STL.News) Realtyna offers a WordPress plugin that will import MLS listings from a couple of resources.  Additionally, they offer other options designed to add additional functionality to an MLS site, including Yelp list of businesses close to each property listed with Yelp ratings, web hosting, design and more.

Realtynas’ website list offices on the east and west coasts.

Our parent company purchased products and services from Realtyna more than 12 months ago.

We will be publishing an article offering comprehensive details about their products and services provided to the real estate industry.

About the US real estate digital technology industry

From our perspective, the real estate industry has not wholly leveraged everything that the web has to offer to help consumers easily find homes for sale in the price range and location they desire.

Home sales is one of the largest industries, however, very few technology service providers exist.  Therefore, it is essential to separate the good from the bad to avoid a severe financial loss.

An affiliate company of STL.News assisted a real estate team/client three years ago with a website designed from a Florida design firm that charged over $20,000 for a site that was not indexed by the major search engines like Google and Bing and had no special features.  Needless-to-say, they were not happy, and after a few hours, the issues were resolve and properly indexed with the major search engines.

A unique niche web design like MLS websites is easy to overcharge and not deliver because the firms assume the customer doesn’t know enough to know what was done wrong or insufficiently to save time after charging a significant amount of money.

We love to support ethical companies but want to protect consumers and businesses from bad companies as well.

WebTech Group, a St Louis based digital marketing agency, an affiliate of STL.News, offers IDX realtor web hosting, design, and SEO as a reseller for IDX.  They are attempting to train prospective real estate agencies the benefit of a significant web presence.  They recently assisted in the development of a new real estate service, MLisitingS, which is an MLS managed service program designed to help real estate brokers/agents get their MLS listings published across the web to as many as up to 154 MLS sites.

They are encouraged by the industry progress to adopt technology but acknowledges that the momentum of the real estate industry to adapt has been significantly slower compared to others.

MListingS, MO.Properties and other ideas that are in the mental processing stage now will help improve this industry that is so used to buying print advertising and failing to leverage the most important source of information today; Google.

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